Hot breakfast

I love a homemade hash brown with my full english breakfast. Bacon sausage egg fried bread beans and mushrooms and my special hash browns. Coffee or hot chocolate breakfast is ready.

2-3 hash browns 1 slice bacon 1 egg 1 sausage 1 slice of bread 1 can baked beans 5 tbsp vegetable oil In a large frying pan add the vegetable oil and place under a medium heat. Add the hash browns and sausage and turn every minute until the end of the frying time. After 1 minute add the bread cut in half and allow it to soak a little oil then turn over so oil is on both sides, then turn every minute until the end of frying time. Add the egg and leave it to settle then add the bacon by making some room in the pan and turn the bacon over every twenty seconds until the end of frying time. Heat the baked beans on the plate then dish the remaining ingredients onto the plate.

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