Beef Wellington

The dish is a firm favourite of mine and one that can be enjoyed with chips peas onion rings and tomatoes.

800g sirloin steak 1kg brussel pate 1kg filo pastry 1kg oven chips 750g onion rings 750g frozen peas four medium tomatos oil for brushing

Heat the oven to 170° then place the beef on a rack inside a roasting dish and bake for eighty minutes. After ten minutes add the onion rings on two or three trays to the oven for twenty minutes. Take out the onion rings and add the four tomatos sliced inhalf on two trays for thirty five minutes then take the tomatos out. Prepare the chips onto three trays ready and have the filo pastry ready to use. Take the beef out of the oven and place the chips in raising the temperature to 180° for twenty minutes. Using a calving set slice the beef into eight slices. Take a slice and carefully cover with pate on both sides and edges using approximately an eighth of the pate then place onto the filo pastry sheets and fold up neatly placing onto a baking sheet. Repeat the same process seven more times using around seven sheets of filo pastry for each sirloin and filling out two baking sheets. Brush each with oil so the Wellington goes golden in colour when done. Remove the chips and put in the Wellington reducing the heat to 170° for thirty minutes remembering to use the remaining oven space to keep the other food warm. While the Wellington is in the oven boil the peas drain and serve with the other ingredients when ready.

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