Chicken chop suey with chicken fried rice

Chinese wok cuisine is not French but these dishes can be cooked fast. First peel an onion chop it then add a mixture of spices and fry for two minutes in a wok. Then add the chicken to the onion and it should be three cm peices and fry for ten minutes until golden turning with a slice every minute. Mean while boil rice in boiling water for ten minutes and place noodles in boiling water for two minutes. Find a serving dish and put half the fried onion and chicken mixture in it then place the noodles on top and put in the warmer. Put the cooked rice in the wok and fold the mixture together with the slice. In a frying pan put twenty ml of oil then heat on a medium heat before adding the rice mixture. Fry for three minutes then turn over the mixture with a slice and fry for three minutes on medium. Serve with spring rolls.

Chicken and vegetable chop suey
Chicken and mushroom yellow fried rice

800g of long grain rice 600g egg noodles 500g chopped onion 400g diced chicken 40ml vegetable oil 1 tsp coriander 1 tsp km pepper

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