Turkey pie is often a favourite food and yet is rarely found on most menus. Using wholemeal flour makes this pie a healthy option and serving with potatoes and vegetables adds enough variety to feed the many.

• 1 kg Wholemeal flour
• 500g Turkey
• 500g Onion
• 350g Lard
• 100cl Boiling Water
• 10cl Cold water
• 180g Plain flour
• 40ml Vegetable oil
• 2 Vegetable stock cubes

To prepare this first find one large tukey roasting dish the kind used to cook very large turkeys. Next dice the turkey into small pieces on a cutting board. Now put the wholemeal flour in a large mixing bowl and add the lard. Mix both ingredients together with your hands until it resembles fine bread crumbs then add ten cl of cold water and continue to mix well then nead in the bowl and onto a floured surface where you can continue to nead until it is all one big dough. Divide into three if necessary and nead one at a time then rejoin in one lump prepare the surface with one hundred and fifty grams of plain flour. Now roll using a rolling pin into a shape that is ten inches larger than the size of the roasting tin and leave to shrink while the inside is prepared. The filling is cooked first in a large saucepan add the vegetable oil then the finely chopped onions frying for around three minutes and turning with a slice. Now add the diced turkey frying also for another five minutes turn with the slice. Throw in the remaining thirty grams of flour and stir then add the boiling water and throw in the stock cubes. If the water bubbles to vigorously then the temperature is to high. Now stir with the slice so it is just boiling and add a lid and leave it to bubble for ten minutes. Pour the mixture into the roasting tin and coat the surface evenly with the turkey mixture. Now carefully add the pastry top allowing it to creep up the edge then at the top trimming with a blunt knife any excess pastry. Once done create a long sausage with the excess pastry then flatten with the rolling pin. Now place around the inside edges of the tin so the overlapping pastry on the edges is double thickness. Bake in an oven at 170° for fifty minutes.

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