Smarties cake

Smarties cake

I love chocolate buttons on a cake and I had an idea of using white chocolate buttons so an iced cake with buttons instead of a chocolate cake.

• 1.5kg Self raising flour
• 1kg Ready made icing
• 500g Caster Sugar
• 500g Butter
• 600ml Milk
• 200g Milky way buttons
• 3 Large eggs
• 3 Cake tin liners

First melt the butter and add the sugar and some milk mix a little with a wooden spoon. Next add the three eggs and the flour mix a little more and put in the rest of the milk. Butter the tins and use cake tin liners then mix for the final time before putting the mixture into three separate cake tins. Bake for fifty minutes at 160° in the fan oven when finished turn out on a wire rack and leave for ten minutes having already taken away the tins. Now remove the cake liners carefully so it is neat then leave the cake to cool.

White chocolate buttons

On a clean surface cut eack cake in half sideways using a bread knife. Now on another clean surface roll out the icing using a third for each cake. The icing is less sticky when cold so it can be rolled to the desired thickness. First roll the icing disks for the center of each cake place in the centre trim then evenly place chocolate buttons on top to form a pattern now put the top back on the cake. Roll out a larger disk of icing and place on top of the cake then push it so it falls over the edges and reaches the base. Trim off any excess icing and then put chocolate buttons in a pattern on the top of the cake.

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