Thailand Meal

Thai style meal.

Thai chicken tikka fried rice with vegetable tikka masala and bringel daal.                                                                

Thai chicken tikka fried rice                                                 

• 300g Brown Rice
• 200g Chicken Tikka
• Tbsp Vegetable oil
• One pint of water
• One small onion
• One chilli

Put the vegetable oil in a medium sized pan then add the tikka pieces. Now turn the heat on medium and put the lid on. Wait a minute then using a slice turn the chicken slightly. Now add the onion first making sure it is finely chopped and return the lid. Slice again every minute for five minutes until the chicken is cooked. Add the rice and stir with the slice then add 100ml of water. Leave for two minutes then use the slice again and add another 200ml of water. Stir again with the slice after two minutes and now add the remaining water and put the lid on and leave completely for ten minutes. You might need to turn the temperature down if it begins to bubble over. When cooked put onto plates ready to serve.


Chicken tikka fried rice on the four plates

Vegetable tikka masala                     

• 150g Potato
• 100g Cabbage
• 100g Courgette
• 75g Carrot
• 75g Pepper
• 75g Onion
• 200ml Water
• Tsp Vegetable oil
• One jar of tikka masala

Add the vegetable oil to a medium sized pan turn the heat to medium and put in the potato peeled and diced. Cook for two minutes stirring with a slice then add the onion diced and the courgette diced. After a minute add the carrot diced then stir and place a lid on. After two minutes add the cabbage stir then add the water stir then replace the lid. Wait five minutes then add the tikka masala stir and replace the lid. Wait three minutes then stir replace the lid then turn the heat to low and cook for ten minutes. Stir with the slice and add the peppers stir again replace the lid and cook for five minutes then serve.

Vegetable tikka masala in four side bowls

Bringel Daal

• 300g Green lentils
• 300g Aubergine
• 100g Onion
• 500ml Water
• Tsp Vegetable oil
• One fresh chillli

Add the oil to a small pan then add the chopped onion and put onto a medium heat for one minute. Stir with a slice then add the lentils and stir. Wait for a minute then add the water stir with the slice and replace the lid. Once boiling add the chilli chopped turn down the heat and leave for fifteen minutes then stir with the slice. Now add the aubergine chopped into medium sized pieces stir and replace the lid. Boil and stir using the slice for ten more minutes then serve.

Bringel Daal in the front centre bowl

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