Have you ever used earphones and got tired of them? The cost or the range of choice or where to buy from. The wire pulls out from the phone meaning fixing the wire yourself using tape to get a sound. The plug connection becomes poor and means moving the pin to get a sound.


New headphones are here only The Cost is now gone up to five times the amount. Buying for someone else  can be daunting are you tired of the cost..

… then try Cordon Bleu Shop, with the best choice and free delivery.

Imagine upgrading your earphones to new Wireless  earphones that charge in twenty minutes.


SONY was once a leading brand and again with these SONY WF- SP700N Earbuds cost over a hundred and thirty pounds new. This is the price and so many would choose to use the free earphones that come with the stereo. At Cordon Bleu Shop vital products are in store providing choices to buy what you want.

These are available to buy one pair at a time, you’ll see the “huge” difference in quality using SONY.  Get free delivery now. Try choosing from the other bluetooth wireless Earbuds, now earbuds are sold in the box with plastic packaging inside, these packages are not sealed so the earbuds are loose in the box unless sealed in plastic.

Cordon Bleu Shop

Imagine paying one hundred pounds five times for five sets of Earbuds. Buying Earbuds from here you could save up to Four Hundred Pounds, a choice of mono, or were you buying for children not just yourself. That’s how Cordon Bleu are now popular—The Pay With PayPal button is all you’ll see if you want new Earbuds—this feature gives the extra choice of paying by a bank card or taking out PayPal credit. Regular Earbuds are sold here to, so if you want to half the cost and still want Wireless Bluetooth Airpods then choose UNIVERSAL airpods only £18.99 with p&p cost.

In BLOG, you shall find new mobile phones discover how Large memory can cost less even on a small screen. Here’s a short list of what you can currently find here:

  • Note5 plus 5G
  • Note30 mini 5G
  • Note30 ultra 5G
  • V-PHONE i11pro 5G
  • MYCELL i11pro 5G
  • MYCELL i12pro 5G
  • MATE33 Pro 5G
  • P40 Pro Max 5G, 512GB ROM 8GB RAM, Plus finger sensor.
  • S30 PLUS ULTRA 5G, 512GB ROM 10GB RAM, Plus finger sensor.
  • And Earbuds and Airpods of course;


A better choice than Earbuds is Airpods and here at Cordon Bleu Shop Apple Airpods are available. In short these are different as they use an improved way to transmit sound, only Apple Airpods do it, you can directly hear the best sound quality. Try first or second generation:

The cost of Apple Airpods can be defined by three factors and the first factor is new the second is refurbished and the third is pre owned, and new “Official” airpods might cost up to three hundred pounds, logo APPLE, this is for thoughts who need no quibble over the origin. HENRY TANNER, 2021

Cordon Bleu Shop has two types of pre owned apple airpods, apple airpods pro and apple airpods, the pro are in a box that is deeper and the airpods pro are in a larger case, airpods pro are more expensive than airpods pro. It’s easy to own some from here.

Spent three hundred pounds on two pairs of Apple Airpods. For instance, you may want to have a receipt to say they are refurbished, or you know to buy Apple as they have the best sound quality. To buy each pair at Cordon Bleu Shop the same could cost fifty pounds.

You can see that the box width of the first generation is greater than the box width of the second generation.


The box is different no logo the wireless airpods are the same as Apple just the case is ordinary not Pro see the difference:

Upgrade wireless headset, try the tall-narrow UNIVERSAL airpods. But remember that these new they have not been used.


These Headsets are all available now at affordable prices with free p&p. The Cordon Bleu website is free to use, it can also be found at the following: The mono wireless earbud is unlike the rest. It’s an easier single earbud that is charged in ten minutes using a USB cable, the cable attached straight into the earbud. You can also easily turn the bud on and off with a push button control, simple for listening to your favourite radio broadcast from the garden.

Here you can buy any product you like, sign up to a newsletter or blog, ask a question or contact us. Here’s what you will find:

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If you want to own more jewellery then try Cordon Bleu Shop, or if you are interested in 5G Tech with free next day delivery, head over to the CORDON BLEU SHOP BLOG

Thanks for searching at CORDON BLEU SHOP

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