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Cordon Bleu

Ladies Pearl Ring

A choice of colours and sizes all £9.99 with free delivery.

Silver Pearl Ring
Gold Pearl Ring
Rose Gold Pearl Ring
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New silver pearl
New gold pearl
New rose gold pearl

925 Mens Ring Knight

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Knight lancing a dragon

Size twelve
Gold mixed with nine carat silver

925 Mens Ring Dragon

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Two dragons engaging
Size twelve

Apple Airpods Pro

New Apple Airpods
Wireless bluetooth earbuds
Pro 3rd generation
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Twenty eight inches long two millimeters wide


Ladies Solid Gold Ring


Gold Sapphire and Diamond Ring


Ladies 18k Gold Chain

New hallmarked 18k near the clasp
Length 28 inches Width two millimeters
Free delivery within three days

The chain weighs 8.25 grams is 2mm wide and twenty eight inches long. The chain has a 18k hallmark near the clasp is new and is presented in a box.

Ladies Floral Band

A ladies gold band with floral decorations ring size 11. The ring weighs 5.85 grams and is solid gold and new. It is presented in a box.

Gold Curve Chain

Curve Chain 26 Inch 8mm Wide

Childrens Centenary Ring

New Gold Centenary Ring size six weighs over eight grams.

Gold Plated Keyring

New Euro 2002 keyring refillable lighter with electric ignition. Has a one Euro coin on the front and euro stars design on the back.


Cordon Bleu

American Morgan Silver Dollar Ring

Size six weighs seven grams

Solid Gold Childrens Ring Pattern

Size six weighs six grams

Solid Gold Childrens Ring Stripes

Size six weighs six grams

Solid Gold Childrens Ring Stars

Size six weighs six grams

Gold Centenary Ring

Weighs over eight grams


Geneva Chronograph Display Watch

Display Date in box

Geneva Brand

Excellent Quality

Casual Style

New with free delivery in three-five days

New Silver Saphire Ring

Heavy weighs 15 grams size 10


Ham Pancakes

Cordon Bleu

Pancakes are usually savoury, Europeans have many recipes that are pancake favourites. It is served in some restaurants in middle eastern countries as a savoury dish with spicy vegetable fillings. The French eat lots of mushrooms in the pancake as a filling and combined with a slice of ham in each pancake this is easy to make.

Ham Pancakes

Pancake mixture
• 1000g Plain Flour
• 500g Butter
• 3000ml Milk
• 30ml Vegetable Oil
• 8 eggs
• 35 Slices of ham
• 1500g Mushroom
• 400g Onion
• 300g Plain Flour
• 250g Butter
• 150g Thyme
• 150g Parsley
The cooking method is to heat the butter in a mixing bowl then add the milk mix. Now add the flour then each egg and mix. Put the vegetable oil in a frying pan or skilit and heat under a medium heat for four minutes. In the pancake mixture there is enough for thirty six pancakes, begin by pouring enough for one fat savoury pancake into the pan. Leave the batter for two minutes then use a wooden slice to separate the pancake from the pan. Leave for a further minute then turn the pancake with the slice to cook the other side. It takes just over another minute then put the pancake onto a serving tray using the slice. Repeat the process another thirty five times and use a spatula to get the last of the batter out of the mixing bowl. A first time should get at least thirty pancakes right and it is important not to over size the pancakes as the filling would make the product to fat.
Next the filling first put the onion chopped finely in a large saucepan with the butter and turn on a low heat. Next clean the mushrooms and cut them into quarters and slices. Turn up the heat and fry the onion for two minutes then add the mushrooms and fry for four minutes. Lower the heat add the flour and stir in using a wooden slice. Add both of the herbs and stir in again turning off the heat.
Place a pancake onto a plate put a slice of ham on one side then put a filling on top enough to make a cylinder when rolled. Roll making sure the bare pancake wraps around last and place on a baking tray. Repeat the process using the same plate another thirty five times fitting six onto each baking ttray. The trays need to go in the preheated oven for fifteen minutes at 180° then removed they can be served immediately as a starter or with chips as a main course.

Ham Pancakes

Lemon drizzle Cake

Lemons are a fruit and are sour and bitter to taste. As lemon fruit juice is factory produced the need for a lemon is less. As a favourite cake lemon cake can be made more sweet with a sticky lemon topping.

Lemon Drizzle Cake

• 800g Self Raising Flour
• 700g Sugar
• 600g Butter
• 100g Caster Sugar
• 400ml Water
• 6 Large Eggs
• 8 Lemons

First of all spread a little butter around the edge of four cake tins. Then carefully insert four cake tin liners into the cake tins. Now before the cake begins the pith has to be grated from the lemons. Using an ordinary grater scrape all eight lemons free of any pith. This is easy and fresh lemons have to be used. Next cut each lemon in half and squeeze the juice using a squeezing instrument preferably one that collects the juice. Put the pith in a pan add the sugar and heat until the sugar dissolves. Add the water stir then boil for two minutes, turn the heat down and boil for twenty minutes and it will turn a shade darker. To make the cake melt the butter with the lemon juice add the sugar stir then the self raising flour and stir. Add the eggs mix thoroughly and put equal amounts in each cake tin using scales to weigh the mixture. Bake in a pre heated oven at 180° for twenty five minutes or until the tops of the cakes are golden. Pull from the oven and puncture each cake with a wooden skewer about twenty times. Now using judgement pour a quarter of the sugar water lemon pith mixture onto each cake while pushing it around with a spatchalor. The cake must remain in the tin and is now ready. To remove from the tin pull a table knife around the edge of each tin. Then drop the cakes directly onto a plate then pull off the liner. The cake can be turned over.

Thailand Meal

Thai style meal.

Thai chicken tikka fried rice with vegetable tikka masala and bringel daal.                                                                

Thai chicken tikka fried rice                                                 

• 300g Brown Rice
• 200g Chicken Tikka
• Tbsp Vegetable oil
• One pint of water
• One small onion
• One chilli

Put the vegetable oil in a medium sized pan then add the tikka pieces. Now turn the heat on medium and put the lid on. Wait a minute then using a slice turn the chicken slightly. Now add the onion first making sure it is finely chopped and return the lid. Slice again every minute for five minutes until the chicken is cooked. Add the rice and stir with the slice then add 100ml of water. Leave for two minutes then use the slice again and add another 200ml of water. Stir again with the slice after two minutes and now add the remaining water and put the lid on and leave completely for ten minutes. You might need to turn the temperature down if it begins to bubble over. When cooked put onto plates ready to serve.


Chicken tikka fried rice on the four plates

Vegetable tikka masala                     

• 150g Potato
• 100g Cabbage
• 100g Courgette
• 75g Carrot
• 75g Pepper
• 75g Onion
• 200ml Water
• Tsp Vegetable oil
• One jar of tikka masala

Add the vegetable oil to a medium sized pan turn the heat to medium and put in the potato peeled and diced. Cook for two minutes stirring with a slice then add the onion diced and the courgette diced. After a minute add the carrot diced then stir and place a lid on. After two minutes add the cabbage stir then add the water stir then replace the lid. Wait five minutes then add the tikka masala stir and replace the lid. Wait three minutes then stir replace the lid then turn the heat to low and cook for ten minutes. Stir with the slice and add the peppers stir again replace the lid and cook for five minutes then serve.

Vegetable tikka masala in four side bowls

Bringel Daal

• 300g Green lentils
• 300g Aubergine
• 100g Onion
• 500ml Water
• Tsp Vegetable oil
• One fresh chillli

Add the oil to a small pan then add the chopped onion and put onto a medium heat for one minute. Stir with a slice then add the lentils and stir. Wait for a minute then add the water stir with the slice and replace the lid. Once boiling add the chilli chopped turn down the heat and leave for fifteen minutes then stir with the slice. Now add the aubergine chopped into medium sized pieces stir and replace the lid. Boil and stir using the slice for ten more minutes then serve.

Bringel Daal in the front centre bowl

Smarties cake

Cordon Bleu
Smarties cake

I love chocolate buttons on a cake and I had an idea of using white chocolate buttons so an iced cake with buttons instead of a chocolate cake.

• 1.5kg Self raising flour
• 1kg Ready made icing
• 500g Caster Sugar
• 500g Butter
• 600ml Milk
• 200g Milky way buttons
• 3 Large eggs
• 3 Cake tin liners

First melt the butter and add the sugar and some milk mix a little with a wooden spoon. Next add the three eggs and the flour mix a little more and put in the rest of the milk. Butter the tins and use cake tin liners then mix for the final time before putting the mixture into three separate cake tins. Bake for fifty minutes at 160° in the fan oven when finished turn out on a wire rack and leave for ten minutes having already taken away the tins. Now remove the cake liners carefully so it is neat then leave the cake to cool.

White chocolate buttons

On a clean surface cut eack cake in half sideways using a bread knife. Now on another clean surface roll out the icing using a third for each cake. The icing is less sticky when cold so it can be rolled to the desired thickness. First roll the icing disks for the center of each cake place in the centre trim then evenly place chocolate buttons on top to form a pattern now put the top back on the cake. Roll out a larger disk of icing and place on top of the cake then push it so it falls over the edges and reaches the base. Trim off any excess icing and then put chocolate buttons in a pattern on the top of the cake.


Cordon Bleu

Turkey pie is often a favourite food and yet is rarely found on most menus. Using wholemeal flour makes this pie a healthy option and serving with potatoes and vegetables adds enough variety to feed the many.

• 1 kg Wholemeal flour
• 500g Turkey
• 500g Onion
• 350g Lard
• 100cl Boiling Water
• 10cl Cold water
• 180g Plain flour
• 40ml Vegetable oil
• 2 Vegetable stock cubes

To prepare this first find one large tukey roasting dish the kind used to cook very large turkeys. Next dice the turkey into small pieces on a cutting board. Now put the wholemeal flour in a large mixing bowl and add the lard. Mix both ingredients together with your hands until it resembles fine bread crumbs then add ten cl of cold water and continue to mix well then nead in the bowl and onto a floured surface where you can continue to nead until it is all one big dough. Divide into three if necessary and nead one at a time then rejoin in one lump prepare the surface with one hundred and fifty grams of plain flour. Now roll using a rolling pin into a shape that is ten inches larger than the size of the roasting tin and leave to shrink while the inside is prepared. The filling is cooked first in a large saucepan add the vegetable oil then the finely chopped onions frying for around three minutes and turning with a slice. Now add the diced turkey frying also for another five minutes turn with the slice. Throw in the remaining thirty grams of flour and stir then add the boiling water and throw in the stock cubes. If the water bubbles to vigorously then the temperature is to high. Now stir with the slice so it is just boiling and add a lid and leave it to bubble for ten minutes. Pour the mixture into the roasting tin and coat the surface evenly with the turkey mixture. Now carefully add the pastry top allowing it to creep up the edge then at the top trimming with a blunt knife any excess pastry. Once done create a long sausage with the excess pastry then flatten with the rolling pin. Now place around the inside edges of the tin so the overlapping pastry on the edges is double thickness. Bake in an oven at 170° for fifty minutes.