Legal Policy

This legal policy describes how personal information is treated when you use our services. Use of the website following or to personal information given when following is subject to the legal policy. In addition the payments section is subject to the practices of the legal policy.
Information that is collected applies to credit or debit card information or bank account information, any address, phone number, or email address. In some uncertain circumstances it may be necessary to send us additional information or to answer additional questions to help us gain information that is required to fulfil a purchases delivery. When you use payments to make a transaction we collect information about the transaction, including the date, time and amount of the transaction, the location and description of the person purchasing and a description provided by the transaction of the products purchased. The names and email addresses of the buyer and the shipping address, the type of payment method used, any message that is left when the transaction is made and any offer associated with the transaction like a promo code will be also be collected.
How we use the information that is collected when receiving payments from customers including to help prevent fraud, phishing or other mal ware is that we use the information to review the purchase and to assist in sending the product or article that you request in making a payment to us. We will only share your personal information with another company to fulfil the delivery of the purchased item. Your personal information will not be passed to another merchant to fulfil the delivery of a purchased item whether or not you have made a payment to that merchant in order to receive a delivery from that company. When you make a transaction using payments with us we find certain personal information about you is made accessible to us. This includes sharing your personal information to through the payment button where you purchase goods to make the transaction. Our company may also include sending another company website your name, address, and postcode, when you make a payment using a payment button, this is so that the other company can calculate delivery costs for items to be posted and then sell postage labels. These companies are public and are not considered to be a third party.
You might be asked to make a product or company review when you make a purchase. When you visit another website you might mention our website and the merchantable goods that are here, in order to reduce the likelihood of this it is advised that we are not mentioned unless it is within a review from a company whose already gained access to information, like a company that makes reviews or the company that processed the payment for the any item or the company that dispatched the purchasable product. Any information that you provide directly to any other merchant or merchants website is not covered by this privacy policy. We are not responsible for the privacy or security practices of merchants or other third parties with who you choose to share any information including any personal information. You are encouraged to keep up to date with any other merchants policy to who you choose to share any personal information. We will not share your personal information with anyone outside of our company or with anyone except as described in this legal policy. Data that you provide to us for the purpose of following will not be shared with any one either. If you do not want us to share personal information about your purchases and do not want us to use your personal information you could opt out. If you choose to opt out your choice will be effective and your preferences updated until you tell us you have changed your choice. For security it is your responsibility to control access to your mobile device or computer and your payment applications on your device or computer including keeping your password and PIN confidential and not sharing it with others. It is also your responsibility to email alert us if you believe that the security of the information involving payments to us has been compromised. This legal policy is effective and will be updated when it is required to be updated by the web developer .