TUDOR Chronometer



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This is a genuine TUDOR Chronometer watch and is the blue stainless steel design. A new quality watch and it comes as displayed in the photographs. This is an official Tudor watch the box is covered inside with smooth sponge for protection during postage. It measures sixty five millimeters wide, one hundred and forty five millimeters in length and thirty five millimeters in depth. Empty it weighs 35 grams and with the watch also 150 grams. It comes with the correct time and date displaying so only a need to wind it on at the end of a short month. The watch fits a nine inch wrist and is water resistant to ATM.

  • Watch strap length two hundred millimeters
  • Watch strap width twenty two millimeters in the widest part
  • Watch width forty four millimeters
  • Watch length forty seven millimeters
  • Watch case thirteen millimeters deep
  • Colour: Blue, White, Silver


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