Summer time

Quiche has vegetables in it but is egg and cheese based. Salad then is the healthiest starter. Vinaigrette is the best choice in a bowl of salads. Try varieties like melon tomato and grape.

Quiche lattice

• 800g self raising flour
• 200g butter
• 50ml olive oil
• 30 sun dried tomatoes
• salt and warm water

Make the pastry and roll into an oblong about six by ten inches. Spread with olive oil all over and then cover with sun dried tomatoes from a jar. Bake for thirty minutes at 180° on a baking tray and cut into squares when it is cooked.

Summer chefs hats and shorts, preparing salads bread cold butter and cheese, plum and peach apple season. Summer fruits drinks, ice coca cola hot food is fish and chips. Burger time hot dogs and ketchup thin onion soup, look out for the main course in the slow cooker. Pizza pizzeria mushroom flan lattice quiche lorraine sun dried tomatoes on pastry with olive oil. What’s on the menu or wine list, there is a selection of starters main courses sweets soft drinks as well as beer.

My first course menu is mostly soup over time soup has gone from being water based to thick for many reasons and I chef tanner have the answer. Cream of turnip soup with croutons. Turnips soup is white as is cream, croutons are toasted before fried giving them extra crispness making the perfect soup.

My second course is what chef is going to dish. The Chinese food the Indonesian food the Indian food the Thailand food. The core skill of Henry Tanner are greats such as beef chop suey stir fry vegetable with chilli pork vindaloo Hot chicken in tomato sauce these dishes combined.

The third course is a french flan pastry with fresh fruit and cream. Pastry choice is essential and having Chef Henry choose the ingredients is part of that process. Fruit combined with the same flavour jam is key to fresh flan and the choice of different fruits measures how fruit flan is the best.

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The chef has extensive experience in food preparation and knowledge in all fields of catering work. The chef has impressed many times always following the recipe and sharing the correct cooking method. The drinks are the best feature a wine expert a spirit enthusiast and many non alcoholic beverages are on the drinks list. Usually it is a hot drink that people are looking for and the chef has every experience in delivering this.